Financia Trader F.A.Q.

1Who is “Financia Trader”’s liquidity provider?
We offer outstanding liquidity from trans-institutional networks. Major Banks and various market participants are among our networks.
2Is “Financia Trader” a dealing desk broker?
No, we are not. We never trade against you, and we execute your orders quickly so you won’t suffer any major losses.
3Any service that “Financia Trader” provides?
As an international forex trading firm, we are dealing in over-the-counter forex contracts, providing access to the interbank forex market, ranging from major to minor world currencies. Financia Trader offers STP (Straight-Through Processing) by utilizing Metatrader 4 platform, web-based platform, and also mobile platform apps.
4Can I open free demo account?
Of course! Click here or “Open Demo Account” button on our website, fill the registration form, and you free to go!
5And if I want to open a live account?
It is as easy as opening a demo account. You can click here or “Open Live Account” button on our website, and fill the registration form. You will receive a confirmation email consists of your account login, password, PIN code and Meta Trader 4 Platform Server.
6Any documents needed to open an account?
Yes. We need to verify your identity to open your account. See the details here.
7How can I deposit money to my account?
Before trading, you need to deposit some money. There are some methods to deposit:
- Bank wire transfer
- Credit card
- Skrill
- Indonesian Local Bank (BCA, BRI, Mandiri)
8Can I withdraw money that I deposited previously?
Yes, you can. Just submit a withdrawal form. We will process your request within 1 business day.
9Any minimum transaction required to be made each month? Does my account considered inactive if I’m not trading?
There is no minimum number of transactions to keep your account active, and we keep your account active even if you’re not trading.
10Any bonuses offered?
No. We advise you to be very careful with “free money” and the companies that offer such things. We make money only from commissions, and because of that, we don’t offer any incentives to attract potential clients.

Forex Market F.A.Q.

1How fair is the forex market?
Because of its sheer size, make the forex market much harder to manipulate compared to the other markets. Not even the central banks and government can completely control the market direction of any currency. It is possible to respond significantly against the central bank interventions or economic news, but they can’t manipulate it.
2Does forex market have a central location
No. Unlike the stock market, forex market is decentralized. Over-the-counter (OTC) market makes it possible to distribute all over the world. Forex operates 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.
3Who are its participants?
In the past, banks are the main participants. But now, even individual trader can participate thanks to the internet and online trading systems. Other than that, large scale corporations, hedge funds, and private speculators doing forex trading on daily basis.
4Which currencies are the most traded?
Euro and US Dollar.
5How can I become a forex trader?
Easy. Just download and install one of our trading platforms. Create an account and login. To open a trade, simply click the “New Order” button in the Trading Terminal. Choose your desired trading volume and then click bid (sell) or offer (buy) button to begin the trade. We recommend to create a demo account if this is your first time doing online trading.
6What is a spread?
It is the difference between bid price and ask price for each currency. If you buy, you get the ask price. But if you sell, then you get the bid price. The smaller the spreads, the more faster you can make money because even a minimal price movement can result in profit. The normal spreads are between 1 – 3 pips (price interest points – the smallest movement a currency pair can make) for the major pairs.
7How about swap? Is it going to cost me?
Swap is the interest calculated for all the positions you hold overnight. The interest rate of each currency is calculated to be able to determine the swap rate. If you buy a currency, you receive that rate. But if you sell a currency, you pay that rate. There are two currencies in each pair. While trading, you are simultaneously buy one and sell the other. You’ll pay or receive the net difference.
8What is margin?
It is the amount of money in your account that you must hold to open and maintain a trade. You can calculate the margin based on the current price of your currency pair, size of trade, and the leverage you used when you opened your account. The trading platform won’t allow you to open a position if you don’t have free margin available.
9Is it possible to get a margin call if I have no free margin?
No, it’s not. Your free margin will become a negative figure because your trades will stay open until your available equity level falls to 20% or less from the required margin to open those trades.
10How do I make profit in forex trading?
Like the other market, you make profit by buying low and selling high, this called going long. On the other side, you are going short if you sell it high and cover the short low.
11What factors can affect the price movement?
A lot of things. Inflation, political instability, even the natural disasters can move the currency price. But some factors are limited, such as central bank intervention. Countries with strong and growing economies will see their currency value appreciates, while other countries with poor economies will see the opposite event.
12How to manage risk when forex trading?
Manage your trade size, and use limit orders and stop loss to minimize your risk.
13What is the best strategy for forex trading?
It is differs from one person to another. But it is a good idea to make your trading decisions by judging the technical and fundamental factor, such as inflations and political conditions. Technical strategies including the use of indicators, looking at support and resistance levels, trend lines, and chart patterns.
13I’m interested! Where can I learn more about forex trading?
There are numerous courses provided on the internet. But we think the best way to learn is by experience. You can start your first trading experience through demo account. You can open your demo account here.