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About Us

Financia Trader was founded in early 2000 by a group of professional traders with global trading expertise. Our aim is to provide fellow trader the best forex trading experience with fully dedicated trading facilities.

That’s why we are using an established STP trading platform which can serve either individual or corporate clients.

Not only that, Financia Trader also provides advices from our professional traders, solutions to problems, speedy execution and full access to financial markets in the world.

Our Mission

Financia Trader is committed to bring the best trading experience for our clients. We aim to nurture a mutual relationship with our clients, so they can achieve their trading goal and potential.

That’s why we offer support in both technical and trading consultation, so the trading process will be more efficient, hassle-free, and profitable for our client. We carefully select our staff from applicants all around the world.

With excellent customer service, along with the best trading conditions, we are trying our best so our clients can achieve their trading goals and in the end, make their financial dreams come true.

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